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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day

Hi there everyone,  I know in reality that tomorrow is valentines day but for those of you who are like me, if you get a good running start now maybe you could use this idea for next year!  Sorry really I have neglected all of you out there for a while.  Like all of you I too have a crazy life and one of these days I need to learn how to slow down a bit and smell the roses.

My daughter told my husband this weekend that she didn't want the box of valentines with the fundip in them that she prefers the homemade ones because everybody always likes them so much.  First of all I love this girl, she is definitely my daughter.  Yes I was hoping to get by without doing them as I have no time at all to make them.  On the other hand I have got to learn that I set the bar early in life for this and now I have a lot of living up to the legend to do for the next few years!

If anyone out there doesn't know what a tangram is its a puzzle of seven cut shapes called tans put together to form a shape.  Our valentines as you can see the pics below are an envelope with the pieces to a "broken heart"  or a tangram of a heart.  I printed this heart tangram  out onto colored cardstock, cut them out, laminated them, and cut again.  I then put them in an envelope, minis found at M's recollections brand.  On the front I printed the saying on pink cardstock trimmed to the right size and taped down.  That simple!

Enjoy maybe it can give you inspiration for other things besides valentines like maybe a birthday treat for school, vacation bible school goodie a cross would be fun.  I have also seen an egg floating around that would be fun for the easter basket and hey that's just around the corner get started now!!!

Happy Creating,


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