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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day

Hi there everyone,  I know in reality that tomorrow is valentines day but for those of you who are like me, if you get a good running start now maybe you could use this idea for next year!  Sorry really I have neglected all of you out there for a while.  Like all of you I too have a crazy life and one of these days I need to learn how to slow down a bit and smell the roses.

My daughter told my husband this weekend that she didn't want the box of valentines with the fundip in them that she prefers the homemade ones because everybody always likes them so much.  First of all I love this girl, she is definitely my daughter.  Yes I was hoping to get by without doing them as I have no time at all to make them.  On the other hand I have got to learn that I set the bar early in life for this and now I have a lot of living up to the legend to do for the next few years!

If anyone out there doesn't know what a tangram is its a puzzle of seven cut shapes called tans put together to form a shape.  Our valentines as you can see the pics below are an envelope with the pieces to a "broken heart"  or a tangram of a heart.  I printed this heart tangram  out onto colored cardstock, cut them out, laminated them, and cut again.  I then put them in an envelope, minis found at M's recollections brand.  On the front I printed the saying on pink cardstock trimmed to the right size and taped down.  That simple!

Enjoy maybe it can give you inspiration for other things besides valentines like maybe a birthday treat for school, vacation bible school goodie a cross would be fun.  I have also seen an egg floating around that would be fun for the easter basket and hey that's just around the corner get started now!!!

Happy Creating,


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily A Smashing good idea


     So I have been missing sharing with all of you for the last few weeks.  With Thanksgiving being here and trying to get everything done for Christmas It has been crazy busy.  I have been wanting to share something with you all that I am doing this year for christmas and meaning to get it done sooner and havent.  Due to my latest obsession with my smash journal, I have come across the December Daily book thanks to my fellow friends over at SmashAholics Anonymous on FB.  It was created by the very talented and creative Ali Edwards and it basically is making a smash book of its own for the 25 days of christmas.  Some of us do it for all of December and some of us do it for Thanksgiving into the end of december.  Basically you can do it however you like.  I am making mine to record all the things about christmas that I love.  Some examples are the tree, decorations in and out, lights and shopping around town, visiting santa, the presents, christmas eve, santa cookies, the letter, the meal and the list goes on.  If you follow me on pinterest I have quite a few under my paper arts board for you to look at.  Below you will find a christmas zentangle that I plan on using in my December Daily book and below that will be a video of a flip through of what I have started so far in the book.  The tags I cut, embossed and stitched to the ribbon.  The numbers are velvet and cut with my cricut machine.  I would love to know what you are doing for christmas and to see what you have to share!

the flip through is on my youtube channel blogger unfortunately never loads my videos properly so check the December Daily video out here
Happy Holidays


Friday, November 9, 2012

A smashing good time

 Hi Happy Friday everyone, just popping in to let everyone know what it is I have been up to this week. Besides working and running kids to appointments and so forth I found a little time to play with my smash book that has been so neglected.  I had so much fun and heres why.  I can spend more time on it because it is small and I can take it and a few pics and embellishments along with me to appointments with the kids while I sit in the waiting room.  It's not as overwhelming to fill a whole page.  Its more like the old style of scrapbook where you just glue random things in and keep momentos.  Its a no rules smash it in daily journal of sorts. 

Whether you by smash brand stuff from K & Company or make your own embellishments there is a ton of creativeness waiting for you to uncover in these journals.  If you go to the beach glue some of the sand down.  If your son or daughter had a terrific homerun at thier last baseball game scoop up a tiny bit of the dirt from homeplate and stick it in there or maybe in a llittle sealed bag.  Whatever the journey you can smash it right on the page with a pic to keep it.  Some people even make thier own smash style journals, if you really want to get creative here is a youtube link to show you how  If you dont want to make your own here is a video of a ladies journal and what she has it in it.  It is rather long but gives you an idea of the stuff you can put in it and some of the smash brand product as well as how she made some of her own embellishments .  This should help you get started as well as take you to other videos you can search on from there.

Here are a few of the pages I have worked on.  The first ones are from our favorite hangout the science museum.  My daughter loves the rock and bug collections and my son of course goes for the electrical circuits and connector experiments.  I used October Afternoon's woodland park line.  I just used thier 8x 8 pads and embellishments.  I can carry those in a small bag no cutter needed since its a smash book and imperfections are a plus!  I take with me in the bag the following pop dots, scissors, glue pen, red line tape and all my stickers, wild cards, ribbon and tin pins and so forth are in a plastic box organized by line, pics and of course my glue gun.  Oh yeah and a few pens.Yes this all fits in a reusable shopping bag LOL
The whole page
close up of stickers and the cricut cut butterfly on the right edge

These photos are from the Science Museum the papers and stickers are from October afternoon.  Mostly I used the Woodland Park line the stickers are from report card line I believe.

The second pages are from a premier of the Real Pirates of course at the Science Museum again!  My daughter was given a gold coin by a Jack Sparrow knock off.  He walked past her stopped leaned back and handed it too her and told her to by a new tooth because her front tooth had fallen out. This was a great day for her because she also won tickets to the premier.  Guess that gold coin had a little luck in it also.  The last one is a funny one of our dog Jett who was not happy he wasnt going camping with us.  The pictures speak for themselves.  Enjoy!
Woodland Park used here once again.  The tin pin although is from 5& Dime.  See my mistake on the wording on the sticker?  I decided to leave it, yes its killing me but will stay.  I love the title around her head this was a day glo pen from Archivers.
Here I used the Campfire line from OA.  The wild card was a different line I have no idea which one.
Ha poor guy!  I felt sooo guilty!
Thats all for now everyone, have a great weekend and take some time for yourselves.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Afternoon product for sale

Hi all

I am selling a bunch of my October Afternoon product, I need to make room for the new goodies I bought this past weekend at the sale.  For a easy list you can go to Splitcoaststampers and view my profile mmiissyy  or you can leave me a message at for more info.  Here is the list for your viewing pleasure LOL.


Here is the list

Seaside Collection
16 sheets of Alpha stickers 2.00 each
4 sheets of swim trunks .70 each
2 sheets of sailboat .70 each
4 sheets of label stickers 2.00 each

Schoolhouse Collection
2 shape stickers 2.00 each
2 sheets flashcards paper .70 each
3 sheets Ruler "sample" paper .25 each
5 sheets of chalkboard paper .70 each

Report Card Collection
4 sheets of Hot Lunch paper .70 each
5 sheets of Bus Route Paper .70 each
5 sheets of Recess Paper .70 each
6 sheets of Science Fair paper .70 each
5 sheets of Field Trip paper .70 each
3 sheets of Story Hour paper .70 each
5 sheets of shape stickers 2.00 each

Daydreams Collection
3 sets of Journal cards 2.00 each
8 sheets of shapes 2.00 each
4 sheets of Garden Chair paper .70 each
4 sheets of Rain boots paper .70 each
Modern Homemaker Collection
5 sheets of It's suppertime- Cmon in paper .70 each

County Fair Collection
4 sets fo Journaling Cards 2.00 each
4 sheets of petting zoo paper .70 each
1 sheet of Ferris Wheel paper .70 each

Good Cheer Collection
6 sets of journal Cards 2.00 each
1 sheet of shapes 2.00 each
2 sheets of sleigh bells paper .70 each
4 sheets of sugar cookies paper .70 each
2 sheets of tinsel paper .70 each

Very Merry Collection
10 sheets of shape stickers 2.00 each
3 word stickers
Cherry Hill Collection
1 alpha sticker 2.00 each
15 sheets of new apron paper .70 each
4 sheets of tea towel papers .70 each
3 sheets of cookie jar papers .70 each
20 sets of journal cards 2.00 each

Rocket Age Collection
13 sheets of Rocket Age stickers 2.00 each
10 sheets of Captains log paper .70 each
12 sheets of deep space probe .70 each
10 sheets of black hole .70 each
10 sheets of Blast Off .70 each
10 sheets of incoming transmission .70 each
12 sheets of Return Voyage .70 each
6 sheets of all systems go .70 each
10 sheets of docking manuever (keypunch type computer paper) .70 each
10 sheets of label stickers 2.00 each

Thrift Shop Collection
2 sheets of Good Junk paper .70 each
3 sheets of last one paper .70 each
5 sheets of still in the box paper .70 each
6 sets of Journal cards 2.00 each

Weathervane Collection
3 sheets of cozy home papers .70 each
5 shets of crunching leaves papers .70 each

Fly A Kite Collection
1 shape stickers 2.00 each
8 sheets of fireflies papers .70 each
8 sheets of Garden papers .70 each
17 sheets of dandelions papers .70 each
4 sheets of word label stickers 2.00 each

5&Dime Collection
15 sheets of alpha stickers 2.00 each
10 sheets of butterscotch papers .70 each
10 sheets of Jawbreakers papers .70 each
10 sheets of wax bottles papers .70 each
8 sheet of rock candy papers .70 each
12 sheets of rootbeer barrels papers .70 each
10 sheets of Circus Peanuts papers .70 each
8 sheets of bubblegum papers .70 each
8 sheets of lemon Drops .70 each
3 sheets of word stickers

Boarding Pass Collection
1 sampler pack of each paper in line 5.00
1 sheet Reseau Auto Bus paper .70
1 sheet London paper .70
4 Chip N sticks 4.00 each

Road Map Collection
4 sets of journal cards 2.00 each
4 sheets of blue&white motel .70 each

Farm Fresh Collection
20 sets of Journal cards 2.00 each
4 root cellar papers .70 each
4 chicken coop papers .70 each

Detours Collection
2 shapes 2.00 each
4 sets of journal cards 2.00 each

Hometown Collection
20 mainstreet papers .70 each
5 sheets of woolworths papers .70 each
3 sheets of KM building papers .70 each
5 sheets of County Library .70 each

Ducks in a Row
2 shapes 2.00 each

Campfire Collection
5 word stickers 2.00 each
4 label stickers 2.00 each

Friday, October 26, 2012

Well it is almost all hallows eve, the pumpkins will be carved the haunted houses dark and scary and soon we will have all the candy we ever needed or wanted.  The streets will be filled with witches and ghosts and things that go bump in the night.  We will take in the fresh autumn air one last time before all the trees become bare and the snow falls all around us.  Halloween is a favorite time of year at our house and I hope you take the evening to enjoy all the festivities whether it is with your children, the neighbors or possibly enjoying your grandchildren.

Tonight I am bringing you a couple of cards that I have made in the last few days.  They are both "cased" cards from the CARDS magazine from Northridge Publishing.  The first is made from a lady by the name of Paige Evans at  I cannot show you her card as my subscription to CARDS magazine is a digital and I cant share the link.  Below is my case of the card.  I cut 1" square pieces of paper from a punch and turned it on point and folded two corners to the middle.  They were then sewed with my singer over the top.  The rest is obvious, the sentiment "YOU ROCK"  is from StampinUp!.  The papers were scraps from October Afternoon.

These are my my daughters Thank You cards for her birthday party.  Next are my Halloween goodies yes never fear there are halloween goodies in this post.  The first is a card I made with svg cut files from Lettering Delights the file is called Best Witches.  I sent this card to a neighbors little girl who was feeling under the weather. 
Last but not least this next card is also a case from CARDS magazines October issue 2012 made by  Christine Meyer at  Go visit these girls site and send them some love.  My card was made with the new Witch Hazel line from October Afternoon.  My favorite scrapbooking buddy and I hit the sale today and quite enjoyed ourselves!  The layers on the bottom as you can tell from the pictures are diamond shapes and the lower half of the diamonds are left unattached to give dimension and a look of layers.  The word strip is from the Witch Hazel miscellany kit and the black cat from their alpha stickers from the same line.  The buttons are also from the same line the twine is trendy twine that I had laying around.  The music note paper was cut from a svg file I found by googling lace svg and cut from the music note paper from the 8x8 paper pad.  That about sums it up.  Off to the Haunted Hallway I am running tomorrow at the High School, very excited to do some living dead makeup and evil creatures of all kind.  It will be a good time.  Have a great Halloween and until next time be blessed in everything you do.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Gate Fold Card

       Okay everyone this is my last post.  I sincerely hope you took some time for yourselves today and enjoyed the tutorials I had for you.  My last one is a easy card not quite as much folding or cutting as the others but still a nice interesting card

Heres the supplies................

  • Scor-Pal or other scoring board
  • 4 1/4" x 8 1/2" piece of cardstock
  • adhesive
  • additional cardstock
  • designer paper
  • embellishments

Heres the instructions.....................................

1.  Score your 4 1/4" x 8 1/2" piece of paper at 2 1/8" .  Without moving the cardstock score again at 6 3/8".

2. Cut patterened paper to adhere to card front panels.

3.  Cut basic white cardstock for inside of card for sentiment.

4.  Last but not least embellish front of card with qoute or flower or other image.

The image below is an old gate fold card I first made when I was new to this thing.  As you can see I added another panel on the front and an anchor.  The
anchor is fastened with a brad and actually serves the purpose of holding the card shut.  When you move the anchor it opens the card.   The card was done with watercolor pencil.

I have five classes next week so if you are interested in joining us for them I still have spots open.  Cricut Test Drive @ 10am on Tuesday, Cricut Card Tricks @ 10am on the 12th,  Vintage Holiday Cards @10 am on the 13th, Cricut off the page @ 10 am on the 16th,  and Flower Wow @ 10 am on the 11th.  I should mention that all these classes except the Cricut test drive class are also offered at 6 pm that day if you cant make the daytime classes.

Have a marvelous week and be blessed,


Crimped Envelope Pocket Card World Card Making Day Post #2

The Crimped Envelope Card

    Another card that I have not made in a while but it is a really nice affect with the crimping of the case or holder made from a envelope. 

Here are the supplies you will need:
  • A2 size Envelope
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Crimper
  • Tape runner
  • Stamps, stickers or diecuts 
  • Cardstock for inside of card
The four easy steps.................

   *  First seal the envelope just like you would if you already had the card in there and you were going to mail it. 
   * Second cut a 1 1/4" of the short side of the envelope.  Keep the piece you cut off it will become your topper for the card cover.  The rest of the envelope will make a pocket that holds the card and will become crimped with our paper crimper. 
   *  Third I ran an ink pad over the sides and edges of mine and stamped it with a canvas background stamp.  Next run the large part of the envelope through your paper crimper making sure the cut edge is off to the side.
    * Fourth  you have made the outside or holder for the card now you will cut the insert portion of the card out of your neutral colored cardstock the dimensions for this should be 4" by 4 1/4".  You can get creative here and add layers and so forth to this insert.  
     Keep in mind that you can make this card a million different ways with any size envelope.  It could be a gift card holder, you could make a vintage style one with a manilla envelope or you could make a clear vellum one and put confetti in it.  I could go on and on here the possibilites are endless.

Happy card making,