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Monday, October 1, 2012

Cricut Tidbits and Links

Hey everyone,

I have not finished the mailbox as I have been sick with bronchitis, a double ear infection and sinus infection, yuck!  Anyways I wanted to type up a few links on here for those who have been interested.  After doing a few demos this weekend of the new cricut E2 and the old Expression there were alot of questions about both machines.  I go into more detail in my class with a million tips with markers, gel pens, hinge  cutting methods, what all those little pictures are on a E2 and much more.  For now I had a few customers that wanted more information on a few things and here are the anwsers to those.

1.  Does Cricut still sell the Imagine cartridges?

Yes they have some for sale on the website.

2.  How much are the mats and can you reuse them?
     The mats depending on the size and quantity vary anywhere from 10-20$.  Michael's does not let you use your 40% off coupon on them as they are cricut product (SAD).  There are websites and tutorials on resticking your mats and making them new again.  I have done this with mine and used them till they crack in half.  There is a rumor I saw on a thread on another site I just joined that there are veggie cutting mats at the dollar store that people are using.  I will test this and let you know this could be amazing!

3.  What are the differences in all the machines.
    This website I will add to my sidebar.  It list all the advantages and disadvantages of all the cricut machines and the abilities of all the machines.  If you are interested in a comprehensive review of all the non Cricut cutting Machines on the market look at Under A Cherry Tree this site is also added to my sidebar.  She gives a very honest look at all the other cutters and thier abilities.

4. Are the cartridges interchangeable from machine to machine?
For the anwser to that question look here for a more comprehensive  link ://  Basically they are all interchangeable except for the Imagine carts cannot be used on other machines.

5.  Do I have to connect my cricut to a computer?
    No but you can and the possibilites are increased when you do.  If you just want to cut simple lettering and some shapes and dont want the headache of learning a new program then dont bother.  On the other hand it is a easy learning curve to learn Cricuts Craft Room and they have freebies once in a while.  If you have the cricut mini this will be a must as it is the only way to cut and see what you are cutting as there is no screen or gel overlays on this machine.

I hope this helps if you have any other questions about any of the other cutting machines or the cricut, please ask.  If you are interested in taking a cricut E2 class or an expression class look under my PaperEd schedule at the top of my blog to check out the next class time.

Get scrapping,


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